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Owner Katy Coe - Currently on baby break until 2017

"The very fact that you've found this site suggests you’re as obsessed with vintage clothes as I am. 

For me,  it started when hiding in my mum's closet - top-to-toe in her summer dresses, ill-fitting shoes with a half eaten lipstick round my mouth. This habit played out until I found myself in my early teens, whereby, I began to think in 'outfits' as opposed to clothes. So much so that even now I find myself changing all day long. My wardrobe will evolve through the day - just as surely as time passes. I use clothes to match my mood and dictate it on occasion. Additions to the passage of the day: A ball gown to a barbeque, a flowing night gown perfect for summer lunches..... Living in the country where Wellies are the only way wasn’t my game. Any excuse go glam.

It's true that some simple, staple pieces will last you a lifetime - despite flights of fancy in between. There's always one item that brings you to life and mixed with a truly sun-shiny interior - it can make you flourish like a bird of paradise. And with that in mind, I set up Vintage Deli in the hope that you too might find something truly priceless"

Five Years on and Vintage Deli are going from strength to strength. We have a Vintage Deli Boutique at Hectors Barn, 61 Manor Road, Dersingham. PE31 6LH - Stocking All things Vintage including Hectors Barn very own French, Moroccan and Scandinavian Furniture and Now Stockists of Annie Sloan Paint - soon to do workshops. Norfolk 

Vintage Deli does Stylng, Vintage Deli does Photo Shoots, Vintage Deli does Furniture.... Vintage Deli have always focused on finding pieces for you that are of the best quality and have great style.

Katy has Added lots more strings to her Vintage Deli bow in the past few years.

Here’s a little of what she now offers:

Sell & Hire Vintage Clothing to ALL
Provide a styling and wardrobe service for film, photoshoots, Wedding, Theatre, Red Carpet or just tea for two.
Stock Over 50 Vintage Wedding Dresses ranging from the 1900’s-1980s
A whole barn full to the brim with stock for designer inspiration

If it's not on the website then just send an email to & she will have a look for that special something you require.